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Friday Wrap-Up: The Self-Love & Productivity Edition

26 Feb

Hello,  Hello! I hope everyone’s week has been phenomenal and filled with beautiful experiences. Here’s a little link love to round out your Friday afternoon.

Kill Busywork: The One Skill To Focus On What Matters – Is your life filled with busywork? Learn how to nip that unproductive time in a bud.

Finish The Projects You Started – Do you have endless mounds of unfinished projects. Gretchen Rubin offers her advice on tying up those loose ends.

Link Love: 50 Articles You Should Read Right Now – Holy Moly – this is Link Lov-a-palooza! There’s enough articles here to keep you busy for awhile. They’re all focused on positivity and living a better life. Loves it!

How to be Unremarkably Average – Basic tips to living a risk-free, unremarkable and average life.  I loved this post as it uses humor to show how easy it is to just fall into a pattern of mediocrity.

Social Media Hierarchy – Funny breakdown of how the various social media tools rank in dating terms!

The One Deadly Sin of Changing a Habit – This post helped me get motivated when I didn’t want to do my run earlier this week.

100 Ways You Can Start Loving Yourself Right Now – A list of simple (and fun!) ways to start loving numero uno.

Have a beautiful weekend, peeps. I’ll see you on Monday!

Until Next Time,



Friday Wrap-up: It’s The Weekend, Time To Watch The Olympics Edition

20 Feb

Happy Friday Everyone! Hopefully you’ve all recovered from your 3 day weekend last week and are back into the full swing of things.  Here are a couple of links that caught my eye that I wanted to share with you.

4 Simple Principles to Getting to Completion – Easy steps for getting you to ‘done.’  If you need more help with procrastinating you can also check out my 7 Tips.

How to Fight for Your Happiness – This may sound counter-intuitive but sometimes you have to fight to be happy

Don’t wait for love: 10 ways to love yourself now – Because if you don’t love yourself, who will?

15 signs it may be time for a career change – I remember feeling a lot of these signs. I’m sure you will relate to this if you feel stuck in a no fun job

It Starts With Us – I stumbled upon this great site with a really cool concept. They deliver a simple mission each week that takes less than 15 minutes to complete. If we all do our small part to complete the task, we’ll be one step closer to a better world. This week’s mission is to reconnect with an old friend – love it!

There you have it people, my Friday Wrap-up. Have a fabulous weekend!

Until Next Time,


7 Steps To Turning Your Passion Into A Fulfilling Career

11 Feb

“One person with passion is better than forty people merely interested.” — E. M. Forster

You may have already read my Super Quick Guide to Finding Your Passion. (If not, go read it, I’ll wait.) And you may have already come up with a list of possibilities as to what your true passion is. But you might be stuck as to how to transform these passions into a viable career. Check out the simple process below to start living your dream.

  1. Submerge yourself – Choose 3-5 options on your list that excite you most. Now go and learn everything you possibly can about each subject one at a time. Read books on it, talk to people who are experts in that field, read relevant blogs. Do everything you can to learn about the subject at hand. Start taking notes on what skills you’d need to master and what else you’d need to learn to become an expert in this field. Live, eat and breathe your topic but be careful of analysis paralysis. Don’t spend too much time in this phase of the process.
  2. Narrow things down – Take a look at your shortened list and be honest about which items you’d like to keep on there. You may have already eliminated options after you started researching them. Be careful not to nix subjects because you don’t feel they are realistic. Only get rid of the options that you don’t feel as passionate about or wouldn’t fit in with what you want from your life.
  3. Test it out – Here’s the most important step. Now you may be left with 1 – 3 options. Prioritize which possibility you’d like to experiment with first and start doing it. Do you want to become an author? Start writing. A speaker? Start speaking. You can start small but try to make it public as soon as you can. By going public you’ll be motivated to improve, you’ll get feedback from others and you’ll begin building your reputation. Going public doesn’t have to be something grandiose. It can be as simple as letting your friends and family know that you’re dabbling in image consulting or as easy as starting a blog on photography. Focus on the feeling you get when you’re doing your thing. Does it get you excited? Do you look forward to doing it?
  4. Evaluate – After you’ve tested out each of your remaining possibilities. Evaluate how each of them made you feel. Which gets you the most excited? Which of these can produce something that people will pay for or get excited about? Which can you see yourself doing for years? Don’t worry about whether or not it’s a traditional career path. Pick one – or two at the most – and focus on that.
  5. Confront your fears & limiting beliefs – Facing your fears can be challenging. After all, our fears often act as a defense mechanism to ensure we don’t get hurt or disappointed. The first step is acknowledging what you’re afraid of. Then think about why it is there. Is your fear trying to protect you in some way? Next dispute your fear – think of examples that challenge your fear. For example, if you believe that you could never make money doing what you love think of examples of others who are doing precisely that. Ask yourself. “what’s the worst that can happen?” Most of the time, it’s nothing you can’t handle. Lastly, plan and prepare for taking your next steps. If you have a solid plan, there is less to fear. Take small steps and focus on the present. Make sure to congratulate yourself on your small victories as you move forward.
  6. Decide what you can sacrifice – Now it’s time to find the time to pursue your passion. If this is something that is truly important to you then you’ll be able to find time to squeeze it in. Prioritize your life so that you have the time to put in the work you need. Maybe this means you have to wake up earlier or stay up later. Or maybe you have to work through lunch or on your weekends. Figure out what it takes and get it done.
  7. How to make a living doing it –  Ah, this is the biggie. This won’t happen overnight. You’ll have to discover your passion and become great at it. It might take time – months or years – but if this is truly what you’re passionate about then you’ll enjoy the ride. There are a lot of ways to make a living through your passion. You may have to change jobs or go back to school. Perhaps you just need a certification or an apprenticeship. Or you can work for yourself. You can look into consulting or freelance work. You can develop a product – either an information product like an e-book or a physical product like dresses. You can even make a living through writing a blog. The world is your oyster. Be creative and seize the day.

None of this will be easy. It takes a lot of soul-searching, experimentation and courage. Most of all it takes a lot of commitment. But it’s definitely worth it so that you can look forward to Mondays instead of dreading them.

Until Next Time,


Need more help discovering your passion? Or have you figured it out but have no idea how to incorporate it into your daily life? Contact me [nblades@gmail.com] about my coaching packages designed to help you live the life you deserve!

Friday Wrap-up – 1st Week of Feb Edition

5 Feb

Good Morning!

It’s a dreary Friday morning here in Los Angeles, the perfect weather to snuggle up on the couch (or in front of your computer monitor at work!) and read some interesting blog posts or sites I stumbled upon this last week.

Go Red & Give Campaign – Join the American Heart Association in their fight against heart disease. Wear red today to support the cause and be sure to look into donating your time or money if you can. Heart disease is the #1 killer of women in America so it’s definitely a worthy cause

Thankful For – thankfulfor.com is a personal gratitude journal. Just sign up and type in what you’re grateful for today. You can keep it private or share it via Twitter or Facebook.

Vegan Wonton Recipe – I love wontons but had never found a good recipe for them until now. Here it is!

19 Tips to Cheering Yourself Up – Gretchen Rubin shares a list of Happiness tips from 200 years ago! If you haven’t check out The Happiness Project yet, go. Now!

6 Steps to Better Pay – A lot of women are still having a difficult time asking for what they are worth. Whether you are self-employed or work for the man, these are great tips for making sure you’re compensated properly.

Top 10 Tax Time Tips – Tax time is here again – ugh. Outright offers some tips getting the most out of your filing, particularly if you sell anything online.

Have a great Superbowl weekend! Go Saints!!

Until Next Time,


Is Your Competitive Nature Leading to Discontent?

24 Jan

Wherever you are right now is exactly where you should be.

My yoga instructor is a little kooky. Once he literally mistook his reflection in the mirror for a new student in the back of the class. Nevertheless, every so often he’ll say something so simple that it’s actually quite profound. His latest gem came a couple of weeks ago as we all struggled with a new yoga pose – one of those real bendy, twisty balancing poses that we all know and love. As we grunted and contorted our faces with discomfort he said “Don’t worry about what you can’t do. Wherever you are right now is exactly where you should be.” I was blown away.

I’ve always been a competitive person and practicing yoga has helped me to bring this quality to light so that I can address it. After my first yoga class, I went home bragging to my fiance that I was among the most flexible people in the class. I had held the poses the longest and I could touch the floor when everyone else struggled to touch their shins. Comparing myself to everyone else in the class did nothing to bring me closer to quieting my mind or becoming one with my breath, it just ensured that I was slightly better than the person next to me.

I was being a competitive jerk.

I had somehow turned yoga into some crazy competition which is so not the point of yoga. It’s not the point of life either. As 20-somethings, we’re taught to be uber competitive with ourselves and each other. We push ourselves to stack up to our peers in terms of jobs, cars, homes, clothes and wedding rings. This fierce competitiveness often breeds discontent and self doubt, particularly when we do not believe we are measuring up to the others in our peer group. It’s one of the biggest factors of the quarter life crisis. We set out to keep up with the Joneses and set expectations that are not in line with where we are and where we are going.We’re only hurting ourselves by constantly comparing ourselves to the person next to us. Our feelings of self worth cannot be aligned with someone else’s expectations. We focus so much of our energy externally. Instead we should recognize that where we are at right now is precisely where we should be.

How about you? Have you found yourself competing with others? How has this affected your life?


Oh, and I am happy to say that I have been able to focus on myself during yoga rather than others in the class and I have never felt more at peace. 🙂

Escape The Happiness Treadmill

21 Jan

We are always getting ready to live but never living. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

How many times have you thought “Once I a get a new job, I’ll be happy” or “When I lose 10 pounds, I’ll be happy” or “As soon as I land this big promotion, I will finally be happy” I do it all the time. Heck, I caught myself thinking this way today.  The problem with these “if-then” statements is that it takes us away from the present and makes us focus on this mystical future where we will be overflowing with happiness.

Tal Ben-Shahar calls this the “arrival fallacy,” which is the belief that when you arrive at a certain destination, you will finally be happy. This is an especially dangerous thought process as it is not usually the arrival at these goals that makes us happier. Actually, oftentimes by the time we arrive at the place where we thought we would be happy, we are faced with new challenges or new responsibilities. Once you land the promotion, you must begin working harder to prove yourself or once you lose those extra 10 pounds you must work hard to maintain your new weight or perhaps  you’ll decide you need to lose 5 more pounds. You hop right back on that happiness treadmill.

In my experience it hasn’t been the arrival at a goal that has made me happy but the actual process of working towards something bigger than myself. What’s more is because we are so consumed with the arriving we lose focus on the now. The present. The journey. We find ourselves constantly racing towards something bigger and better instead of appreciating where we are at that very moment. Yes, it’s absolutely important to set goals but it is just as important to stay present in the now. The easiest way to remain present is to simply slow down. Just as you savor your food more when you eat slowly, you can do the same with life. Slow down and savor each and every moment. Become more aware of your thinking. Are you constantly worrying about the future? Are you thinking of an “if-then” statement as you read this? Learn to recognize when you’re doing this, and then practice bringing yourself back to the present. Just focus on what you’re doing, right now. Enjoy the present moment.