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Friday Wrap-up: The Who Am I Edition

12 Mar

Happy Friday Everyone! I hope you’ve all had an excellent week and are ready for the weekend. I’ve been thinking a lot about self-exploration lately and apparently so has a number of other people in the blogosphere. Here are my top links of the week dedicated to exploring your identity.

How to Reclaim Your Muchness – I love this post. Basically, we all  lose a little bit of ourselves as we grow older. This post has great tips for reclaiming those lost parts of your self. Plus it all came about from Alice in Wonderland and who doesn’t love Alice?

An Interview With Yourself – Important questions to ask yourself as you evaluate where you are and where you’re heading.

Can You Point to a Time When You Felt Pure Joy? – A great post about pin-pointing what really sets your world on fire.

Come out, Come out, Whoever you are! –  Looking at learning to be authentically you and harnessing your uniqueness for your benefit

11 Tips For Boosting Your Sense of Quiet Focus – Being the scatter-brain that I am, I welcome any tips that will help me quiet my self and become a little bit more present. These tips can come in handy as you clear a quiet space to think about yourself.

Have a Beautiful Weekend!



Friday Wrap-Up: The Self-Love & Productivity Edition

26 Feb

Hello,  Hello! I hope everyone’s week has been phenomenal and filled with beautiful experiences. Here’s a little link love to round out your Friday afternoon.

Kill Busywork: The One Skill To Focus On What Matters – Is your life filled with busywork? Learn how to nip that unproductive time in a bud.

Finish The Projects You Started – Do you have endless mounds of unfinished projects. Gretchen Rubin offers her advice on tying up those loose ends.

Link Love: 50 Articles You Should Read Right Now – Holy Moly – this is Link Lov-a-palooza! There’s enough articles here to keep you busy for awhile. They’re all focused on positivity and living a better life. Loves it!

How to be Unremarkably Average – Basic tips to living a risk-free, unremarkable and average life.  I loved this post as it uses humor to show how easy it is to just fall into a pattern of mediocrity.

Social Media Hierarchy – Funny breakdown of how the various social media tools rank in dating terms!

The One Deadly Sin of Changing a Habit – This post helped me get motivated when I didn’t want to do my run earlier this week.

100 Ways You Can Start Loving Yourself Right Now – A list of simple (and fun!) ways to start loving numero uno.

Have a beautiful weekend, peeps. I’ll see you on Monday!

Until Next Time,


Friday Wrap-up: It’s The Weekend, Time To Watch The Olympics Edition

20 Feb

Happy Friday Everyone! Hopefully you’ve all recovered from your 3 day weekend last week and are back into the full swing of things.  Here are a couple of links that caught my eye that I wanted to share with you.

4 Simple Principles to Getting to Completion – Easy steps for getting you to ‘done.’  If you need more help with procrastinating you can also check out my 7 Tips.

How to Fight for Your Happiness – This may sound counter-intuitive but sometimes you have to fight to be happy

Don’t wait for love: 10 ways to love yourself now – Because if you don’t love yourself, who will?

15 signs it may be time for a career change – I remember feeling a lot of these signs. I’m sure you will relate to this if you feel stuck in a no fun job

It Starts With Us – I stumbled upon this great site with a really cool concept. They deliver a simple mission each week that takes less than 15 minutes to complete. If we all do our small part to complete the task, we’ll be one step closer to a better world. This week’s mission is to reconnect with an old friend – love it!

There you have it people, my Friday Wrap-up. Have a fabulous weekend!

Until Next Time,


Friday Wrap-up: The OMG it’s Valentine’s Day Already Edition

12 Feb

Good morning! I hope you all are staying warm and dry wherever you may be today. As usual here’s my list of links you may have missed this week.

Self Qualified and Degreeless: How to sneak in the back door of your career – The title says it all. It’s not easy but it’s definitely possible to blaze your own trail.

How Do you Want to Lead Your Life – Are you following someone else’s definition of leadership? Good article on defining what leadership means to you

12 Classic Zen Habits Post You May Have Missed – One of my favorite bloggers revisits some of his favorite blog posts.

How To Write A Cover Letter So It Actually Gets Read – I’ll admit. I’m really bad at writing cover letters. My sophmore year of college I only applied to internships that didn’t require me to send in a cover letter. This article helped me a lot and also made me cringe at all the mistakes I’ve made in the past! (Ahhh…that’s why I didn’t get that job!)

Heart is Hot – This could be a very sweet Valentine’s day (or sweet any day gift). You buy a heart, register the serial number online, tell your story pass it on to someone else. They log on tell their giving/receiving story and the love is continuously passed on.

How to Have Better Dinner Conversations – Don’t be a wallflower at your next dinner party. Great tips to becoming a stunning conversationalist

Did you read anything this week worth sharing? Send it my way!

Have a beautiful Valentine’s Day weekend and a great President’s Day! And Happy Family Day for my Canadian readers.

Until Next Time,