Loads of Link Love and a Heartfelt See Ya Soon!

23 May

Hello Lovelies! I know, I know – it’s been quite some time since we last spoke. I’ve been crazy busy getting everything prepared for my wedding in 4 days. *bites fingernails*  I won’t be taking any new fangled communication devices with me for our honeymoon – no laptop, no smartphone, no twitter, oh my! – and I didn’t want to leave you high and dry for the next few weeks so here are some links to other great blogs to keep you occupied while I’m away.

In Search of Squid – I don’t remember when I first found this blog but I’ve been in love with it ever since. Heather offers a fresh, honest point of view as she works her way to becoming a published author. Good stuff!

Ms. Mary Mack – I haven’t touched on the issue of motherhood because, well, I’m not a mommy yet. This blog is super cute and funny and in the interest of full disclosure the author is my sister. But if you’re looking for something that is not your average “mommy blog” this blog’s for you! Plus you’ll get to see pictures of my cutie patootie nephew….

Quarterlife Quest – Another great quarterlife blog that is refreshingly honest. She also sometimes features other quarterlifers from time to time.

1000 Awesome Things – I’ve been raving about this blog for some time and I just purchased the book to take with me on my honeymoon. Really great, inspiring blog that forces you to stop and appreciate the little things in life. Awesome.

Stratejoy – You all were introduced to Molly from Stratejoy earlier this week when she unveiled her big announcement. If you haven’t checked her blog and site out yet – Go! It’s a fabulous resource for all you gutsy quarterlife girls out there.

Untemplater – This blog focuses on “untemplating” your life. It covers all types of topics ranging from becoming an entrepreneur to travelling around the world.  Also I wrote a guest post over there a couple of months ago

Art of Non-Conformity – Another blog that touches upon living life on your own terms. Lots of great advice and Chris also offers lots of informative unconventional guides on various non-conformist topics!

Any others? Feel free to list any other great blogs in the comments section.

Well, I will see you all soon. Have a fabulous couple of weeks. I’ll be back soon with a brand new hubby, a new last name and loads of fantastic new memories.


Molly at Stratejoy & Her Super Fantastic Awesome News!

18 May


When I decided to get into life coaching in the super narrow, specific niche of the quarter life crisis, a lot of people thought I had gone absolutely mad. So I took to the internet and found Molly at Stratejoy and after perusing her awesome, vibrant site I knew I had to reach out and chat with her about my decision to jump into this field. Well, needless to say she was super inspirational and really instrumental in my decision to dedicate my coaching practice to helping my fellow quarter lifers. Simply put, Molly rocks. She brings such passion and zeal to everything she does and has been helping scores of quarter-lifers in the last few years.

And now she has a ridiculously amazing announcement to share about her best-selling product, The Joy Equation. It’s a 30 day guide to living life on purpose and it’s amazing – it’s exactly what I needed when I was going through my own quarter-life crisis. And because Molly is the ultimate rock star, she’s offering The Joy Equation on a ‘Pay What You Can Afford’ basis – incredible, right? So incredible that I immediately said ‘Yes’ when she asked if I’d be an affiliate for the program.

Watch the short interview below to see what the Joy Equation is all about and why Molly is changing the price structure:


 Isn’t she adorable? So if you’re ready to begin living your life on purpose – and I know you are – head on over to The Joy Equation and pay what you can afford. It’s totally worth it! Click here to view more details


Smooth Transition Sessions

11 May


It’s May, which means it’s graduation season – woot, woot! Whether you’re graduating from high school, college or grad school, transitioning into the world can be daunting. You probably entered school with big plans – you had it all figured out. But now that graduation is looming around the corner, you’re not so sure. You look around you and everyone else seems to know exactly what they’re doing. Meanwhile the thought of leaving the place you called home for the past 4 years is making you absolutely nauseous. 

I’ve been there. I understand. And I want to save you some time & frustration.

If you’re a graduating senior and ready to rock out, I want to help you with my Smooth Transition Sessions!

Ready to get started? Get all the details here.


Friday Wrap-up: The Kiss Your Mommy Edition

7 May

I don’t know about your neck of the woods but it has been a ridiculously gorgeous week this past week. Let’s celebrate the lovely weather with some of my favorite links from around the blogosphere.

1000 Awesome Things – I love this blog and I can’t wait to read the book. The post about moms being awesome is super sweet! This post on forgetting what day it is when you’re on vacation is my second fave awesome post from this week. Awesome.

Expectation Mania and the Danger of Measuring Up – You all know I think ‘should’ is a four letter word and expectations are the many tools of the devil. Well, Molly at Stratejoy thinks so too.

Moments of Win – A Flickr pool showcasing photos of women doing amazing things. Very cool.

Your Fabulous Affair On Us – Our first member of the Rock Star Squad is offering her beautiful wedding planning services…for FREE. Head to her blog to check out the details.

Write Your Own Life: It’s Easy to Leave Hollywood – A story about a young couple who gave up all the glitz and glamour (and smog and traffic) of LA and moved to Mexico.

And last but not least, some shameless self-promoting: my guest post on Simply Fearless about getting over my fear of *gulp* speaking.

That’s all for today peeps. Have a beautiful weekend and Happy Mother’s Day to all my yummy mummies out there. And a special shout-out to my very own mother – Love you lots mum!




Rock Star Squad: Zoé Zeigler

5 May

The first member of my Rock Star Squad is Zoé Zeigler. I first met Zoé at USC where we both went to school. We reconnected recently over Twitter and I was thrilled to learn that she had started her very own wedding & event planning company. I knew that she would be the perfect person to kick off my new series: The Rock Star Squad.

Tell us a little bit about yourself

Well, I’m a 20-something Southern California native. I graduated from USC in 2007, where I studied communications. By profession I’m a PR pro for an international automotive company, but by passion I’m owner and wedding & event planner at Fabulously Ever After Weddings & Events. If I had to choose three words to describe myself, they would have to be sassy, passionate and independent.

Did you go through a quarter life crisis? How was your transition into the “real world?”

I used to think the notion of quarter-life and mid-life crises was a myth; that was until I had a quarter-life crises of my own. The transition from college to the real world was a piece of cake for me. I had interned all throughout school, so I had my shiny offer letter months before graduation. I had my own place and wonderful friends…I thought I had this thing called “life” figured out.

But about two and a half years later I started feeling really unfulfilled, like something was missing. All the great things I had experienced and accomplished in life started to seem so insignificant and I felt like I needed some sort of drastic life change. I started thinking about chopping off all my hair, moving cross country, changing careers but none of those things seemed like they would get me out of my funk.

How did you overcome your 20-something crisis?

To a certain degree, I think I’m still working through it. I had to realize that this feeling I was having was not something that was going to go away overnight – it was a process I was going to have to work through. I started by trying to better understand myself by asking myself questions about what makes me happy, what am I passionate about, when do I feel most alive and what societal standards am I trying to live up to.

I came to the conclusion that while I had a good life, I wasn’t doing anything that excited me or that I was passionate about. I was sort of following society’s path for success – go to college, get a job, get a promotion, etc. – instead of incorporating something into my life that would truly make me feel fulfilled and happy.

How are you following your dream?

During my “soul searching” I realized two things that really made me happy were seeing people in love and helping people, so I decided to start assisting a wedding planner as she executed events that were centered around both of these things. I was working for free at first, but I didn’t care because I was doing something that was really fun and therapeutic for me. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to branch out and start my own wedding & event planning company, Fabulously Ever After, which I launched earlier this year.

What’s the hardest part about following your dream? What was the easiest?

When I first had the “aha moment” to start my own business doing something I love, I thought everything would just fall into place. I thought the clients and contracts would come immediately and my business would just take off…after all I was chasing my passion. But a few months in, I’m learning that’s not necessarily the case. Success is a journey, not a destination, so I’m learning to enjoy the ride, reward myself for the small achievements, and learn from any missteps along the way.

As for the easiest thing, it’s been finding people that support me and my dreams. My friends and family have been so encouraging, but I’ve also found encouragement through networks and organizations, like the Los Angeles Urban League Young Professionals, that are filled with young entrepreneurs and movers & shakers that inspire and push me to reach my full potential.

Do you have any advice for anyone trying to live life on their own terms?

It’s so easy to become complacent when the checks are coming in, the rent is getting paid and things are going well. But that alone is no way to live life. Whether it’s small or large, step out on a limb and try to incorporate something into your life that excites you and really makes you feel like you have a purpose.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Thanks Zoé for sharing your inspiring story! Right now Zoé is running an awesome giveaway on her site, www.fabulouslyeverafter.com. Enter now to win FREE wedding planning services for your big day.

Are you taking your life by the reins and living on your own terms? Then I want to feature YOU! Email me – nblades[at]gmail[dot]com – if you’d like to be the next Rock Star in our Squad

Be Bold, Be Fearless.

3 May

“Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.” –Julia Child


My fiancé was out of town for his bachelor party this weekend so I took the opportunity to catch up on some work and – more importantly – catch up on some of the movies/TV shows he wouldn’t normally watch with me. By Sunday, I had had my fill of witty rom-coms and delightfully trashy reality TV yet I decided to cue up Julie & Julia. I am so pleased that I did. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. I didn’t know too much about Julia Childs prior to watching the movie but boy, was she inspiring. She approached life with such gusto. Such fervor. I couldn’t help but smile as she challenged conventional rules and followed her passions. She truly lived her life to the fullest.

I also loved watching Julie’s transformation from bored office worker to a passionate writer. I completely identified with her feelings of despair as she worked day in and day out at a meaningless job while her dreams slipped further and further away. Julie tasked herself with cooking through each one of Julia Child’s 524 recipes in 1 year and started a blog about it. A seemingly simple idea brought her closer to her dream of becoming a “real writer” and also brought her ridiculous amounts of joy. Julie was doing something that was truly important to her and as a result everything else in her life began to fall into place.

Several things struck me about this movie. First, it showed how much can change in a short time if you’re working diligently towards a goal. Julie immersed herself in a project she fully enjoyed, gave herself a deadline and kept at it. She had her pitfalls and plenty of times when she wanted to quit but she kept going and she emerged on the other side a more confident, more fulfilled person. Secondly, I loved the portrayal of an enormously passionate person. Julia Child knew what was important to her and jumped right into it feet first despite the odds being stacked against her. The enthusiasm with which she approached life was infectious and she was able to bounce back after setbacks because she had a clear vision of what she wanted to do.

There were two Julia Child quotes that stood out for me. The first came as Julia was completing her term at the Cordon Bleu in a class full of unfriendly, unsupportive men:

“All of them were unfriendly until they discovered I was fearless!”

Fear is the biggest obstacle standing in the way of our dreams. What fear is holding you back from your dreams? If you were fearless what could be accomplished? Who would you inspire?

My second favorite quote came when Julia first began teaching Americans how to master French cuisine:

“Perfecto! And even if it isn’t, never apologize. No Excuses. No Explanation”

I know I’ve been guilty of not moving forward because I’m stuck on perfect. Instead of obsessing over being perfect – whatever that means anyway – we should all have the confidence to move forward with our projects and big ideas. They may not be perfect, but who cares? Stop apologizing and stop making excuses.

I love when a movie can make you think without hitting you over the head with it. Julie & Julia was a fun, cute movie with an inspirational message: Dream Big & Be Fearless. Loves it.

Until Next Time,


Photo Credit: juliachildpictures.com

Friday Wrap-up: The Get Your Arse In Gear Edition

23 Apr

Hello everyone! Welcome to another edition of my Friday Wrap-up. This week’s wrap-up is dedicated to getting over our fears, limiting beliefs, blocks, hang-ups and insecurities so that we can rock the house.

Insecurity Doesn’t Pay The Bills – Dave lets us in on a little secret – everyone you admire is just as screwed up as you are. The only thing is that they don’t let their fears, insecurities and hang-ups stop them and that is what makes them super successful. He followed this post up with Why Worry Keeps You Poor  , an equally good post

Your Back-up Plan is Your Plan – I referenced this post in my last post about struggling through my slump. Good insight on making sure your Plan B doesn’t throw a kink into your Plan A

So You Think You Can – Basic message of this post. Don’t wait for people to give you permission to do what you want to do. Love. It.

Five Tips For Improving Monday Mornings – I’m dreadfully bad with Mondays. I just despise them. And so this was the perfect post for me.

Are You Walking Your Talk – I had my own revelation that I was possibly not walking my talk. Here’s a great post on how to make sure you are doing just that.

Enjoy these links! I hope they’re as inspirational to you as they have been to me. A couple of announcements before I let you get on your way:

My guest spot on Untemplater was published on Thursday: Break Free of Expectations Please check it out and let me know what you think

I’m starting a new series called the Rock Star Squad where I’ll be featuring other 20 & 30-somethings who are working through their quarter life crisis. I know there are so many of you out there who fit into this category. Drop me a line so we can share your story with the world. 

Have an awesome weekend y’all!