Molly at Stratejoy & Her Super Fantastic Awesome News!

18 May


When I decided to get into life coaching in the super narrow, specific niche of the quarter life crisis, a lot of people thought I had gone absolutely mad. So I took to the internet and found Molly at Stratejoy and after perusing her awesome, vibrant site I knew I had to reach out and chat with her about my decision to jump into this field. Well, needless to say she was super inspirational and really instrumental in my decision to dedicate my coaching practice to helping my fellow quarter lifers. Simply put, Molly rocks. She brings such passion and zeal to everything she does and has been helping scores of quarter-lifers in the last few years.

And now she has a ridiculously amazing announcement to share about her best-selling product, The Joy Equation. It’s a 30 day guide to living life on purpose and it’s amazing – it’s exactly what I needed when I was going through my own quarter-life crisis. And because Molly is the ultimate rock star, she’s offering The Joy Equation on a ‘Pay What You Can Afford’ basis – incredible, right? So incredible that I immediately said ‘Yes’ when she asked if I’d be an affiliate for the program.

Watch the short interview below to see what the Joy Equation is all about and why Molly is changing the price structure:


 Isn’t she adorable? So if you’re ready to begin living your life on purpose – and I know you are – head on over to The Joy Equation and pay what you can afford. It’s totally worth it! Click here to view more details



3 Responses to “Molly at Stratejoy & Her Super Fantastic Awesome News!”

  1. Molly Hoyne May 18, 2010 at 4:05 pm #

    The ultimate Rockstar?! That is my new favorite title. This interview was so fun to do Nailah! Thanks for helping spread the word to your fabulous "People."Nailah’s People? I love to hear what you think about course, about life, about the perfect flavor of peanut butter icecream….Share away!XO

  2. Ms. Mary Mack May 18, 2010 at 8:27 pm #

    What a great idea! Really smart, having the Skype interview. (Might have to steal that…ahem.) Also really like the new signature. Keep up the solid work. Forward ever!MMM

  3. Nailah May 21, 2010 at 10:40 pm #

    Molly – I had so much fun doing the interview and I’m excited to hear how the launch goes! Thanks for the opportunityMs.Mack – Yes, the skype interview was a lot of fun. I’m thinking of incorporating more videos into the blog.

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