Friday Wrap-up: The Fun & Laughter Edition

9 Apr

Whew, it’s Friday. I’ve had a whirl-wind week but it’s all totally worth it because this weekend I’m heading up to Vegas for my Bachelorette Party. Woot, Woot! *does the running man* Anyhow, in honor of my upcoming weekend festivities here’s a wrap-up of the latest blog posts from this week focused on fun, laughter & happiness.

Weekend Wisdom #3 – Great, quckie wisdom about living life to its fullest. Plus it features a little cameo from my favorite movie of all time

Gross National Happiness – The country of Bhutan measures their Gross National Happiness along with their GDP. I wonder where our national happiness would rank?

Loving What Is and The Practice of Savoring – We all know the importance of savoring the moment. But it’s just as important to savor what has happened in the past as well as what is coming in the future. A full 360 savoring!

Karma Cards – Spread the love with these Karma Cards. Print them out (or buy them) and leave them where an unsuspecting stranger can stumble upon it.

6 Ideas For Brining More Laughter to your Life – I love to laugh – it’s fantastic. Here are 6 great tips to bring more laughter to your life.

The TV Treasure Chest Moment – First of all, I love this blog: 1000 Awesome Things. And I totally related to this awesome moment. You probably will too.

Have a fantastic weekend. I’m sure I’ll be having enough fun for all of us!

Until Next Time,



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