Friday Wrap-up: The OMG it’s Valentine’s Day Already Edition

12 Feb

Good morning! I hope you all are staying warm and dry wherever you may be today. As usual here’s my list of links you may have missed this week.

Self Qualified and Degreeless: How to sneak in the back door of your career – The title says it all. It’s not easy but it’s definitely possible to blaze your own trail.

How Do you Want to Lead Your Life – Are you following someone else’s definition of leadership? Good article on defining what leadership means to you

12 Classic Zen Habits Post You May Have Missed – One of my favorite bloggers revisits some of his favorite blog posts.

How To Write A Cover Letter So It Actually Gets Read – I’ll admit. I’m really bad at writing cover letters. My sophmore year of college I only applied to internships that didn’t require me to send in a cover letter. This article helped me a lot and also made me cringe at all the mistakes I’ve made in the past! (Ahhh…that’s why I didn’t get that job!)

Heart is Hot – This could be a very sweet Valentine’s day (or sweet any day gift). You buy a heart, register the serial number online, tell your story pass it on to someone else. They log on tell their giving/receiving story and the love is continuously passed on.

How to Have Better Dinner Conversations – Don’t be a wallflower at your next dinner party. Great tips to becoming a stunning conversationalist

Did you read anything this week worth sharing? Send it my way!

Have a beautiful Valentine’s Day weekend and a great President’s Day! And Happy Family Day for my Canadian readers.

Until Next Time,



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