7 Steps To Turning Your Passion Into A Fulfilling Career

11 Feb

“One person with passion is better than forty people merely interested.” — E. M. Forster

You may have already read my Super Quick Guide to Finding Your Passion. (If not, go read it, I’ll wait.) And you may have already come up with a list of possibilities as to what your true passion is. But you might be stuck as to how to transform these passions into a viable career. Check out the simple process below to start living your dream.

  1. Submerge yourself – Choose 3-5 options on your list that excite you most. Now go and learn everything you possibly can about each subject one at a time. Read books on it, talk to people who are experts in that field, read relevant blogs. Do everything you can to learn about the subject at hand. Start taking notes on what skills you’d need to master and what else you’d need to learn to become an expert in this field. Live, eat and breathe your topic but be careful of analysis paralysis. Don’t spend too much time in this phase of the process.
  2. Narrow things down – Take a look at your shortened list and be honest about which items you’d like to keep on there. You may have already eliminated options after you started researching them. Be careful not to nix subjects because you don’t feel they are realistic. Only get rid of the options that you don’t feel as passionate about or wouldn’t fit in with what you want from your life.
  3. Test it out – Here’s the most important step. Now you may be left with 1 – 3 options. Prioritize which possibility you’d like to experiment with first and start doing it. Do you want to become an author? Start writing. A speaker? Start speaking. You can start small but try to make it public as soon as you can. By going public you’ll be motivated to improve, you’ll get feedback from others and you’ll begin building your reputation. Going public doesn’t have to be something grandiose. It can be as simple as letting your friends and family know that you’re dabbling in image consulting or as easy as starting a blog on photography. Focus on the feeling you get when you’re doing your thing. Does it get you excited? Do you look forward to doing it?
  4. Evaluate – After you’ve tested out each of your remaining possibilities. Evaluate how each of them made you feel. Which gets you the most excited? Which of these can produce something that people will pay for or get excited about? Which can you see yourself doing for years? Don’t worry about whether or not it’s a traditional career path. Pick one – or two at the most – and focus on that.
  5. Confront your fears & limiting beliefs – Facing your fears can be challenging. After all, our fears often act as a defense mechanism to ensure we don’t get hurt or disappointed. The first step is acknowledging what you’re afraid of. Then think about why it is there. Is your fear trying to protect you in some way? Next dispute your fear – think of examples that challenge your fear. For example, if you believe that you could never make money doing what you love think of examples of others who are doing precisely that. Ask yourself. “what’s the worst that can happen?” Most of the time, it’s nothing you can’t handle. Lastly, plan and prepare for taking your next steps. If you have a solid plan, there is less to fear. Take small steps and focus on the present. Make sure to congratulate yourself on your small victories as you move forward.
  6. Decide what you can sacrifice – Now it’s time to find the time to pursue your passion. If this is something that is truly important to you then you’ll be able to find time to squeeze it in. Prioritize your life so that you have the time to put in the work you need. Maybe this means you have to wake up earlier or stay up later. Or maybe you have to work through lunch or on your weekends. Figure out what it takes and get it done.
  7. How to make a living doing it –  Ah, this is the biggie. This won’t happen overnight. You’ll have to discover your passion and become great at it. It might take time – months or years – but if this is truly what you’re passionate about then you’ll enjoy the ride. There are a lot of ways to make a living through your passion. You may have to change jobs or go back to school. Perhaps you just need a certification or an apprenticeship. Or you can work for yourself. You can look into consulting or freelance work. You can develop a product – either an information product like an e-book or a physical product like dresses. You can even make a living through writing a blog. The world is your oyster. Be creative and seize the day.

None of this will be easy. It takes a lot of soul-searching, experimentation and courage. Most of all it takes a lot of commitment. But it’s definitely worth it so that you can look forward to Mondays instead of dreading them.

Until Next Time,


Need more help discovering your passion? Or have you figured it out but have no idea how to incorporate it into your daily life? Contact me [nblades@gmail.com] about my coaching packages designed to help you live the life you deserve!


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