Connecting the Dots…

21 Nov

Ahh. Our twenties. These are our golden years, right? This is the time when we should be living carefree, productive lives. Traveling to exotic lands, having torrid love affairs with brooding, handsome men and shopping at the most exclusive boutiques. At least this is what we are to believe if we watch enough of the CW or MTV. So why is it that so many of us feel so confused, so unsure about where our lives are heading, so empty and dispassionate? So… stuck?

If you’ve arrived at this blog, then I’d venture to say that you identify with the latter of these two scenarios.  And many of you may recognize what I’m talking about as a Quarter Life Crisis. While I do believe that most 20-somethings go through some sort of crisis – no matter how big or how small – I do not believe that we should just curl up in a ball and ignore our feelings. We should learn how to embrace these feelings of crisis, learn how to move past them and grow from them!

And this is precisely what this blog and my coaching practice are about. Embracing all of the different situations that we, as 20-somethings, face and figuring out how to get through them so that we emerge on the other side as stronger, more fulfilled people. I promise that this blog will be an open and honest forum to explore all of the various scenarios that come our way. I promise to help connect the dots of your 20-something life.



One Response to “Connecting the Dots…”

  1. menakap November 23, 2009 at 11:06 am #

    Dear N,

    How interesting. I look forward to more posts – particularly on how you overcame your quarter life crisis.

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